It’s often quoted that people make snap decisions based upon first appearances which is why it’s essential that you and your brand present themselves as positively as possible.

Let your work do the talking as it were the way you dress and present yourself should never be a negative element in your endeavours.

At Baumann we take this very seriously and as such we have worked with BHI Workwear to help advise us on the best options available for our uniforms and work clothing.


Choosing the right workwear clothing has as much do to with functionality as it does with price and BHI only presented the best products in line with our budget.

We know you get what you pay for so the way the presented various options was clear and with samples it allowed us to assess completely what was required.


One added benefit with using BHI Workwear was their assistance with helping us navigate any potential pitfalls with regards to clothing sizes by organising a “sizing kit” for each piece of workwear.We could then accurately record what each engineer and worker required removing any guess work and the possibility of any wastage.

I would recommend this approach to anyone looking to kit out any members of staff whether large or small as this will avoid any surprises and additional costs.


Once the products were confirmed BHI then set about personalising them with the Baumann logo in embroidery.

Before any work commenced they sent over proofs and advised on subtle changes required to make the logo look as professional and clear as possible.


They did such a great job that even our clients want jackets with the Baumann logo embroidered on so we thought we’d make some up for just such an occasion.

We can’t recommend BHI highly enough so if you are looking for uniforms, corporatewear, workwear or any PPE please have a look into them