Baumann, the world’s leading sideloader manufacturer, has added a raised 100mm raised deck option to its best-selling 120v electric ELX sideloader range. The move follows the recent upgrades of X-Plus, additional outreach within the same sized chassis, and larger cabin options.

Mark Bann, from Baumann UK believes the option will provide those that work with smaller loads the ability to work at deck height. Said Mark:

“We are very proud of the small chassis and footprint of the ELX with X-Plus, our smallest 120v electric sideloader, including its low deck. We’re therefore delighted to offer the option of a raised deck, seamlessly integrated and just as capable.”

Lower decks usually mean improved storage density, however certain customers may use the deck as part of their picking operations where a higher deck is preferable.

Getting enough power into the machine is key to both the electric truck’s runtime and efficiency. Baumann is the only manufacturer to make a 120-volt sideloader, with a single-piece battery above deck.

The ELX and EGX ranges come in a variety of capacities, from 3 to 8 tonnes capacity, with small chassis footprints and extremely efficient movement.

The EGX is designed for multi-shift operations. The battery is above deck so is easily removable by crane or fork pockets to allow battery exchange. This is a machine that is replacing many diesel trucks.

Because it is a 120-volt truck, it loses less energy due to heat and electrical resistance, and customers are reporting nine hours runtime, sometimes more, on a single charge. With an eight-hour window to recharge, it is allowing them true multi-shift capability, and changing the battery is a simple five-minute operation.

“Of course, they do operate differently,” adds Mark, “for a start, that engine revving will usually give a boost to the lifting speed. For electrics all the parameters are controlled by the CPU. They can be adjusted and refined to suit the working style, but occasionally operators and managers don’t see eye to eye!”

On engine trucks there is a lot of “idle time” – activity which is neither working time nor run time. On Baumann electric sideloaders that is eliminated, via sensors in the pedals, joystick and steering wheel that cut off power when it is not needed. The result is that nine hours of runtime would supersede most people’s expectations.

“When you look at diesel trucks now, as well as the cost of white diesel, unless you are under the 55kw power threshold, you also have AdBlue.”

The rise in the cost of Adblue, diesel, and previously LPG, have all outstripped rises in electricity, and improved battery and charger technology have simultaneously reduced the amounts needed to ‘get the job done’.

Of course, batteries and chargers also require components and materials that are subject to demand-led price increases, but in the minds of most users, the economic case, as well as the environmental case, has been won. Concerns over the remaining practicalities of battery capacities, runtimes, power supplies, maintenance and charging routines are slowly but surely becoming a thing of the past.