Side Loader trucksRanging from 3 ton models to well over 40 tons, side loader trucks are available in a variety of shapes and sizes.

A variation on the common fork-lift truck, which lifts primarily at the front of the vehicle, the side loader truck is able to load at the side and in most cases within the vehicle platform, enabling it to help make use of its storage space.

Carrying the load at the side is immediately beneficial as there is a reduction in the safety risk, especially when transporting cumbersome goods over various distances, such as timber, steel girders or long vehicle chassis. For these materials to be transported using fork-lifts, for example, it would all have to be carried sideways on. This immediately causes several problems as it increases the width of the vehicle and therefore problems with storage. It is not feasible either, for the goods to be carried lengthways as this would cause an overbalancing of the vehicle and an increased risk towards the operator.

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Baumann Sideloaders

We have developed our machines to cope with almost anything that could be thrown at them with the introduction of solid steel outreach cylinders and bearings that can be up to 50% larger than any other side loader found on the market.

In areas that are under the most stress whilst the forks are under heavy load, thicker steel chassis are present which, depending on the chassis specifications, can be up to 3 inches thick around the well width, the area in which the forks operate.

As the safety of the operator is of the utmost importance, a more direct approach has been taken to ensure against injury whilst operating in more extreme environments.

Drivers are now situated in reinforced cabs which are surrounded by heavy duty steel mesh on windowed areas, and in areas that don’t interfere with the driver’s line of site; solid steel plates are present covering almost every part of the cab.

To protect from falling loads, a solid steel cage, very similar to roll cages present in cars, surrounds the external region of the cab. Of course industries are continually changing and to ensure that side loader trucks are able to keep up with newly developed markets and industrial techniques, new and innovative designs will be needed.

With constant reinforcement and development, Baumann side loader trucks will continue to be the backbone of heavy industry and provide invaluable transport through some of the most extreme environments for many years to come.