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Dept. edict EGX60: Defiance will not be tolerated

Baumann has developed a special safety load system called SafeLoad Assistance to assist operators in avoiding dangerous situations when using their sideloaders.
The system takes into account the load centre in dynamic situations, during normal working operations, and uses sensors within the chassis to calculate the stability limit of the truck.
It provides a warning to the driver through the dashboard screen, indicating how close they are to the limit. At present, the system does not physically limit the operation of the truck, but rather assists the operator in making safe decisions.
In addition to greater levels of safety, Baumann believes that the system will help reduce operational costs by reducing maintenance and avoidable damage.

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EGX Series – The Highlights:


120-Volt with VRS

Long shift life

Single-battery cabinet

Lithium-Ion battery option

Heavy-duty components

Reliable & robust


Auto-deck levelling

Award-winning VRS outreach system with X-Plus

SafeLoad Assistance

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